Friday, November 30, 2001

Public works building is on hold until next year


It will be at least next year before Senoia's Public Works Department has a new building to call home.

In the latest tangle between Mayor Joan Trammell and new City Council members, the council voted Monday night to postpone awarding a bid to build the facility until at least January.

The dispute started two weeks ago when Councilman Bill Wood said he was not comfortable with the bidding process involved for a new public works building.

Trammell and City Administrator Leonard Thompson had recommended accepting a low bid of $81,000 for the project. The project is a ready-built metal building that will have the insides finished by city and county workers.

But in looking over the bids, Wood said that only one company submitted a bid for the stripped down project and he needed more time to examine the bids.

Monday, Wood said he still had a problem with the bids, which sent Trammell into a tirade.

"You need to write down exactly what you want and submit it to (city administrator) Thompson. Otherwise, I won't allow anything to be done until the end of the year," she said.

Wood said he was fine with waiting on the project, and Councilman Robert Belisle motioned that new bids should be conducted after the first of the year. The motion passed 4-1 with Trammell voting against it.

She apologized to Public Works Director Bobby Hogan for the delay in the project and said the council was cutting down all the work the city staff had done in obtaining the bids.

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