Friday, November 30, 2001

More resignations rock Senoia


The wave of resignations sweeping Senoia city government continued this week as two Planning Commission members turned in their notices.

Commission Chairman Julie Brown read the City Council member Dave Core's letter of resignation toward the end of Monday's City Council meeting.

The latest resignations mean Senoia does not have a Planning Commission only two members remain and that is not enough members to constitute a quorum.

Both resignations stemmed from the election of a new City Council and mayor. Core and Brown said they did not believe they could work with the new administration.

Brown was visibly nervous at the podium, and had to have Mayor Joan Trammell read her resignation letter into the record.

Before she resigned, Brown said the Planning Commission had decided to stop working on revising a zoning ordinance that focused on smaller lots and preserving greenspace.

She suggested the council should lift its moratorium on development of smaller lots, because the ordinance would no longer be revised.

But Councilman Bill Wood did not go along with her assessment.

"I think we need to staff the Planning Commission first," he said.

Councilman Bob Hannah agreed, and said since there is not a quorum anymore, the moratorium should stay in place until its original expiration date of March 2002.

The resignations were accepted by the council and Mayor Joan Trammell said it was a sign of disrespect that the City Council did not honor the Planning Commission's last wish of lifting the moratorium.

"No disrespect intended," said Wood.

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