Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Custom-tailored for local home buyers

Trademark Builders serves Fayette, Coweta one home at a time

Dan Petry is not concerned with high volume when it comes to the homes he builds.

His company, Trademark Builders, averages 8-10 new homes each year, although he said that total might reach 12 in 2001. That pales in comparison to some developers.

But Petry's speciality is custom home building, and the slower output allows him to concentrate more fully on each home and the specific needs of the buyer.

Trademark has been in business for seven years, working mostly in Fayette and Coweta counties. The business does venture outside those boundaries, however, and one project under development right now is a townhouse community at Lake Martin in Alabama.

But Petry, a third-generation builder who spent a lot of time doing commercial development before starting Trademark, has always been interested in custom home building and the unique opportunities it affords.

"It's something different each time," he said. "It means more quality and amenities."

With custom homes tailored to their residents' personal tastes and desires, their development inevitably requires more personal attention that other developments would.

"I deal a lot more with the home buyer," said Petry. "I'm more hands-on in each house."

The type of high-quality product he strives to produce comes in a price range between $250,000 and $1 million. Trademark's past work can be seen in such communities as Interlochen, Highgrove and Whitewater Creek in Fayette County.

Most of Petry's attention right now is focused on Highland Park Estates, off Fisher Road in Coweta County not far from Peachtree City. He is the developer of the neighborhood and the only home builder working there.

Highland Park is near the halfway point in its development, with about 18 houses left. Of course, that will take some time, since these homes will not be put up in a hurry. But they will be done with the kind of attention a customer would expect from a true custom home.


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