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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

PTC to vote on $4.55 million loan for buildings


As proof of city government's ability to run the gamut of issues, the Peachtree City Council is scheduled to vote on a "pooper scooper" ordinance and a $4.55 million loan program to build or improve several city facilities at its meeting Thursday night.

The proposed ordinance would require all pet owners to immediately clean up deposits left by pets in city parks and on city athletic fields. It also would ban animals from all tennis and outdoor basketball courts unless special permission is granted by the Recreation Department.

Recreation employees have tried to work with pet owners on the issue, but many times requests have fallen on deaf ears, according to Randy Gaddo, the city's director of leisure services.

Of the $4.55 million the city is seeking through the Bricks and Mortar funding program, $2.5 million will be used to build the final phase of the city's tennis center, which includes covered courts for play in inclement weather and an administrative building.

The tennis center expansion is being funded solely with money from the increased hotel-motel tax, so local property owners aren't footing the bill, city officials said.

Other pricey projects in that loan program include improvements to the Neely Fire Station ($427,175), a new smoke and burn training facility ($394,200), renovations at the public works building ($234,532), a satellite auto shop facility ($228,750), improvements to the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater ($200,000) and renovations at City Hall ($148,157).

The majority of the projects will be funded for the 2002 fiscal year, although $268,000 was put off until 2003 and another $613,282 was put off until 2004.