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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Weed, Rower, Brown pick up endorsements for PTC runoff


Two weeks before voters head back to the polls to pick a new mayor and council member for Peachtree City, some candidates have garnered support from their former opponents who didn't get enough votes to make the runoff election.

And the Endowment Committee for Cultural Arts of Fayette County has endorsed mayoral candidate Gary Rower and council candidate Murray Weed.

Rower also has been endorsed by former opponent Frank Murphy, while Steve Brown has been endorsed by former opponents Dan Lakly and Vivian Conduff, who previously ran for mayor.

Post 4 candidates Carol Fritz and Weed have not been endorsed by either of their former opponents.

Weed says he appreciates the nod from the ECCA, although he did not actively seek that group's support. Fritz said she is amazed at the diversity of her supporters.

The endorsement from the ECCA was based on the candidates' "grasp of the seriousness of the problems all arts organizations within our city and county face," according to ECCA President Sandra Jungers.

Jungers said the local arts community, which includes 34 different organizations, needs financial support.

"There has never been a lack of funds available for sports activities; now we need to elevate the funding of Arts programs as a budget line item at the city and county level," Jungers said.

Meanwhile, each candidate has denied offering either a city job or appointment to a city commission or authority in exchange for an endorsement.

The Citizen also gave each candidate an opportunity to clarify their stance on a particular issue.

Brown refers voters to his Web site,, saying his positions are clearly stated there.

Rower, however, said he wants to address traffic problems for Planterra Ridge residents and users of the tennis center with construction of the TDK Boulevard bridge across Line Creek; he also wants to work with state Department of Transportation officials to get the bridge over the railroad tracks on Ga. Highway 54 west widened.

Fritz said many people have misconceptions about how council handled the Wal-Mart issue. Council did not rezone the land for Wal-Mart and Home Depot, she said, and there were no legal grounds to prevent those companies from moving into Peachtree City. "Again, the land that Wal-Mart and Home Depot are being built on was already zoned for this development well over 20 years ago, and I will be happy to make an appointment and meet with people at City Hall to discuss the issue," Fritz said.

Weed said he wants to make clear that he is totally against approving any annexation, no matter the reason. He said he couldn't imagine a scenario in which he would vote for annexation.