Friday, August 10
, 2001

Trees won't buffer power plant

As a South Fulton county property owner residing in the immediate vicinity of the proposed Williams Power Plant, I would like to express my concerns regarding some of the information the Williams company is disseminating to those of us who will be impacted by this plant.

One of the most disturbing negative impacts of the plant to the area residents will be the visibility of the four 21-story emission stacks. It is my understanding that Williams intends to undertake "balloon" tests in the third week of August to determine the visibility of the plant and its stacks from nearby homes and neighborhoods.

I question the validity of the results of such tests as they relate to the future visibility impact of the project. Williams will not have ownership of, or control over, most of the properties and trees which will be obscuring the stacks at this time. As these surrounding properties are developed, the tree cover will disappear and the stacks will become a prominent part of our everyday landscape.

The timing of the tests also raises questions. The large number of hardwood trees on these properties is in full-leaf during August. What will the visibility impact be in the autumn and winter months when these trees lose their leaves?

Williams also is relying on many of these same trees and properties to act as part of its "noise buffer" plan to lessen the effects of the four giant turbine engines operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When these areas are stripped of their trees the noise factor will become even more significant and harmful.

If this lack of candor is an example of how Williams intends to support its other claims as to the impact of this facility on the area, I feel we have every reason to question the company's statements and oppose the building of this plant.

Danielle Davis Weer


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