Friday, August 10
, 2001

Car tag honors teachers

The special educator car tag promoted legislatively by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators and supported by 75 percent of Georgians who voted in the general election last November is now available to Georgia motorists.

The constitutional amendment approved by the voters created a special car tag honoring educators in Georgia. Funds collected from sale of the tags will provide $75,000 in the case of an educator permanently injured or killed in an educator permanently injured or killed in an incident of school violence.

PAGE legislative director Tom Wommack said the vote showed that Georgians recognize the importance of education, and that they support educators. "I think the average voter recognized that teaching is a more difficult assignment than it once was, and they wanted to provide for anyone who may be injured in performance of their duties," he said.

During the 2000 session of the Georgia General Assembly, PAGE worked for successful passage of the bill and an accompanying resolution that brought the issue before Georgia voters in November 2000.

Wayne County High School educator and PAGE member John Williams designed a sample tag featuring a large red apple and the phrase: "Georgia Educators Make a Difference." The Motor Vehicle Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue has developed the tags which are now available to the general public at a cost of $25.

PAGE is a nonunion, statewide professional association of more than 48,000 teachers, administrators and support personnel members with the purpose of promoting better education for the children of Georgia.

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