Friday, August 10
, 2001

Board member favors seven districts in remap


As the Fulton County Board of Education ponders its new distict lines, board member Gail Dean has come out in favor of a seven-member scool board.

The board is currently pondering three options: one requires the board to increase to nine geographic members; another would have seven members that have six geographic districts and one at-large member; the final option would have the current seven geographic members.

In her monthly mailing, Dean said she supports the current option because it keeps the board at a manageable figure.

"This optionproposes that District 3 represent parts of both north and south county. With this option, District 3 would include approximately 60 percent of Sandy Springs and about half of East Point and breaks down to 75 percent of the district in Sandy Springs and 25 percent in East Point," Dean wrote.

"For the citizens of East Point and the Tri-Cities cluster, this plan provides the option of two representatives out of seven instead of one of nine or one of seven. Sandy Springs citizens would havetwo representatives of seven instead oftwo of nine,"she added.

Dean said a split district could help heal some of the division in the county and bring the county together academically.

"Schools in District 3, Sandy Springs, have historically and currently included students from south county enrolled in the M-to-M transfer program.As a PTA president, committee chair, LSAC chair, member and now as board member, my representation has included students and parents from both south andnorth county, so I do not make the offer to serve without some experience."

The board will discuss the new lines Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Cleveland Avenue Administrative Center and vote on the proposal Aug. 23 at 5 p.m.

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