Friday, July 27
, 2001

New law requires new homes to match old


Developers who want to build in existing subdivisions in Fairburn now face more stringent rules.

The Fairburn City Council unanimously passed an "in-fill development" ordinance Monday night that would make new development more consistent with existing homes in subdivisions.

"We want to make sure it fits with the neighborhood," said City Administrator Tony Cox.

City officials have expressed concern recently that new development in existing subdivisions is markedly different than the older development.

In the ordinance, the town wants new developments to conform with existing architectural style, roof pitch, siding materials, dwelling unit square footage and front yard setbacks.

The town defines the area to be examined as the immediately surrounding neighborhood of a subdivision, which is defined as the adjoining six developed lots.

In determining the size of the new home to be placed in the subdivision, the ordinance calls for calculating the average floor area of all single family dwellings within the immediate neighborhood.

The ordinance would cover all single-family neighborhoods within any of the residential areas in which 75 percent of the lots have been developed for a minimum of five years.

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