Friday, July 27
, 2001

Fairburn cuts 90-day moratorium at 68 days


Fairburn officials took the brakes off growth Monday night.

A sharply divided City Council lifted a 90-day moratorium on any new subdivision plats after only 68 days.

City Administrator Tony Cox said the council had to end the moratorium at this meeting, because the anniversary of the moratorium would fall before the next council meeting.

The moratorium started May 15 and councilmen Frankie Arnold, Doug Crawford and Roy Farr voted to lift it, while Glenn Higgins, Harvey Melear and Gene Wiggins voted to keep it in place.

Since the vote was a tie, Mayor Betty Hannah cast the deciding vote and lifted the moratorium.

Before the vote, Melear suggested the moratorium be kept in place because the council had not worked out such issues as impact fees.

When the moratorium was issued, city planner Bill Johnston explained the city needs the moratorium to catch its breath from the recent growth spurt.

"Right now, we have developments on the books that will increase our population from the 1990 Census figures of 4,000 to 13,000," he said.

Johnson said the slowdown period would allow the city's staff and Planning Commission to review all zoning regulations concerning development and make sure the city is ready for the next round of growth, Johnston said.

In the end, though, the council decided to lift the moratorium after 68 days.


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