Sunday, July 22, 2001

Doing good or doing well?


I love the South.

I was not born here but then maybe you weren't either. As I have stated before, I did have "roots" in a Southern town about as steeped in Southern tradition and culture as it gets.

I went to the first grade at the Social Circle Elementary School as had my father and sister before me. In fact, my first-grade teacher was Mrs. Cook, who not only taught me and my sister, but my father a generation earlier.

My wife, Dee, is the only one of our immediate family actually born here in Atlanta, at Crawford Long Hospital in 1950.

I'm sure we all learned many Southern sayings and colloquialisms that we use today and probably never think where they came from. I wonder where "just a tad" came from or "down yonder?" Have you ever wondered why you always go to the "red light" and turn right instead of the "green light" and go right?"

To me one of the most interesting sayings we all hear on a daily basis is when someone greets another person and they say "how are you" the response is often, " DOING GOOD, how are you?

God's Word says "Jesus went about DOING GOOD." Isn't that a wonderful thing to report about someone!

We often read in the paper or see on TV how someone is inspired to open a Christian school or help our community or a church in some "selfless" way. These "doing good" things in life are the items that last.

As we pass through this life no one will remember how much money we made or how large our house was or what status we attained in life. What will be remembered is the "doing good" that we did.

The reverse is, of course, also true. Some are remembered for the evil and destruction they cause while on this earth.

If you are a parent, you are passing your values to your children on a daily basis. It is a small thing, but I watched my father always take off his hat when he prayed. It wouldn't matter where we were or what setting we were in.

I do that today the same way. Whenever we take a trip, we pause and have a prayer in the car for safety and when we roll back into the driveway we have another short prayer thanking God for "journeys mercies" as did my father before me. I noticed my son, Robbie, the other day when asked to pray, removed his hat and prayed. Interesting isn't it?

The next time someone asks you "how are you doing" think am I doing "well or doing good?" Hopefully you are doing both.

[The Rev. Dr. Knox Herndon is the pastor of His House Community Church (SBC) and a former Army chaplain. The church is just below Senoia on Ga. Highway 85, a mile past Ga. Highway 16 on the right just below the fire station. Visitors are welcome. Church office and prayer line 770-719-2365;e-mail]

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