Friday, July 20, 2001

Second half of concert season a sellout for PTC Amphitheater


The second series of this year's summer concert offerings at the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater in Peachtree City has been a big hit.

All shows were sold out as of Thursday morning, said Amphitheater Director Kristi Rapson. But 35 standing-room-only tickets will be available for each show the night of the performance, sold at the gate beginning at 6:30 p.m., Rapson said.

"So if someone's dying to see a show, they can," Rapson said. "That's what we're down to, packing them in."

Patrons using those tickets will be allowed to stand in the back or on the dance floor only, Rapson noted. The amphitheater typically offers the standing-room-only tickets except for shows where quiet is desired, Rapson said.

The ranks of season ticket holders have swollen to more than 1,300, representing sales of more than 4,500 tickets, Rapson told the Development Authority at its regular meeting Monday night. The renewal rate of season ticket holders from the first concert series was 98 percent.

"It's nice to be sold out," Rapson said.

This is the third season that the concert series has offered both Friday and Saturday night shows, Rapson noted. Now, amphitheater staff will consider how to handle season ticket sales in the future since demand was so high this year, she said.

Sponsorships for the series were also sold out this year, and there is a waiting list of groups wishing to sign up as sponsors, Rapson added. Part of that is due to a policy of not signing sponsors which compete for business with other sponsors, Rapson said.

The estimated economic impact of the concert series last year was $15 million, although this year's numbers haven't been calculated yet, Rapson noted.

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