Friday, July 20, 2001

Senoia could be getting tough on tall grass, weeds


Senoia residents could soon be getting a bill from City Hall if they don't cut their grass.

During Monday night's City Council meeting, Mayor Joan Trammell said City Attorney Drew Whalen is working on toughening the city's existing grass ordinance.

The city currently does not allow grass to grow higher than eight inches, but Trammell said by the time the city goes through all the time of notifying the owner and waiting for a response, summer is almost over.

She said she has received numerous complaints this season about overgrown lots in the city and one resident in the Town Lakes subdivision said the area has a snake problem because of the weeds.

When Trammell drove out to the area, she discovered a dead snake in the road and wants a quicker remedy to address the problem.

The city is contemplating just cutting the grass and sending a bill to the owner of the property.

Councilman Bob Hannah was a little reluctant at first to support the idea, because he wondered what would happen if a resident wanted his lot to return to a more natural state.

Trammell said that would be allowed as longs as trees are planted, but long weeds and overgrown grass present a possible health hazard to city residents.

Whalen said that's correct and he will present a draft of an ordinance for the city to peruse at its Aug. 6 meeting.

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