Friday, July 20, 2001

Angels could be grounded in Senoia Christmas festival


Senoia's Christmas Committee wanted to see angel decorations flying over the city this year.

But city officials learned Monday night about the trouble with angels.

City Attorney Drew Whalen told the City Council that angels have been the subject of lawsuits around the state because they're interpreted as religious symbols.

Whalen suggested the city head more in the direction of snowflakes or Santa Claus figures to make sure it stays out of court during the holiday season.

Senoia Mayor Joan Trammell said it was a shame that city officials had to worry about such things, since the angels were the prettiest of the large-scale decorations.

Christmas Committee member Nancy Roy said the committee's plans were to place angels from Ga. Highway 16 to the railroad tracks at the beginning of Main Street to tie in with the decorations downtown.

Roy also said the committee wanted just over $6,600 from the city to buy the decorations along with a sound system for the annual program that heralds the holiday season in Senoia.

But Councilman Robert Hannah suggested the committee rent a sound system, since it would be used only once or twice a year.

Trammell said she would study the committee's request for funds this year, but no money is currently in the budget.

During next month's budget discussions, the mayor said the focus will be on upgrading the Police Department's equipment, since many of the radios are out of date.


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