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Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Police Blotter


The following arrests were reported by the Fayette County Sheriff's Department for the past week:

Randy Lee Williams, 42, for burglary.

Torrey Robert McCotmick, 23, for driving without a license and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Craig Vann Jackson, 42, for driving with a suspended license and driving with an expired tag.

Redgenia Kelley McDonald, 29, for violation of probation.

Joshua Bruce Jones, 20, for deposit account fraud.

Billy Eugene Gibbins, 37, for violation of probation.

Leonard Leroy Small Jr., 24, for violation of probation.

Frank Hail, 30, for failure to appear in court.

Eric Wayne Butner, 23, for cultivation of marijuana.

Michael Gordon Brewton, 31, for four counts of theft by receiving stolen property.

Sherry Lynn Thomas, 26, for violation of probation.

Taborus Young, 22, for violation of probation.

Rodney Missouri, 38, for DUI and failure to maintain lane.

Dallas Ammitt Wright, 45, for aggravated stalking.

Larry Aquentine Jenkins, 20, for theft by receiving stolen property.

Brian Lee Steagald, 39, for public drunkenness.

Joyce Lee Townsend, 40, for speeding and driving with a suspended license.

Lester Mark Piggett, 21, for solicitation of sodomy.

Stephanie Nicole Rakestraw, 22, for making harassing phone calls.

Jeffrey Timm Price, 32, for three counts of passing a bad check.

Sarah Alise Dillard, 23, for passing a bad check.

Khambang Lounnarath, 65, for DUI and weaving over the roadway.

Rhea Nirvana Shaw, 21, for DUI, failure to maintain lane and striking a fixed object.

Daniel Lee Johnson, 42, for deposit account fraud.

Helen Angela Neal, 31, for violation of probation.


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