Sunday, June 24, 2001

So Hooters won its victory


Bring out the bands, release the balloons, cut the ribbons, bring on the photo ops.

Dress the girls in their tightest and most provocative costumes.

Call the press, dial up the other sleeze groups and tell them that Fayetteville is easy. Tell them that it's' a place where one can go to church on Sundays, and Hooters on Mondays.

Tell them that not enough Christians I mean people who say they are wanted to stand in line that day during the referendum voting because it might rain or they didn't like long lines. Tell them that their favorite football game was on.

I remember when the porn shop came into Shannon Mall in Union City under the guise of being a book store. After they got their license, etc., it was discovered that it was a porn store.

I remember the pastors and Christians all got together and marched and marched in the rain and had local officials there to even include the mayor. That was over a year ago and they are still in the saddle. Once this sleaze gets into our community, it's extremely hard to get them out.

I might add that the shopping center at Shannon Mall is not doing well at all. I wonder if God had anything to do with that? Do you think maybe there is a lesson for Fayetteville there somewhere?

I know many of you will not like the word "sleaze" and will spend many a smiling lunch there goggling the help, and I'm sure the management will make a lot of money and will no doubt have a victory party while watching Jerry Springer on TV.

It is my prayer that not one Christian will eat in that place and that they will experience a boycott like Hooters has never seen at any of their locations.

I know there are people in the community that will wrap themselves in the flag and their liberal nothingness and will flaunt their God given right to degrade our community and the lives of our people while wearing their WWJD bracelets.

Now there's a novel idea. What would Jesus do?

I am always amazed at the lengths people will go in their theology to justify their sins. I often hear the scripture quoted about the women brought to Jesus caught in the act of adultery. Great lengths are made to show the compassion of Jesus but none are made to show the last part of the scripture which says clearly "go your way and sin no more."

I'm sure the emails will flow in opposition to this article but I would like to say that I don't own much in this life in material goods. I have a beautiful, smart and dedicated wife, two beautiful children all passing with mostly C's, a dog, a house on 1/4 of a acre, and 4 used cars two of which are vans and have church signs on them. I will say though that if Hooters gives away free food, car washes and college tuition, as for me and my house "we are going to boycott the place."

I would like to further call on you to look down at your WWJD bracelet and do the same. One day we will have to explain our community to our grandchildren and to God as to what it "used to be like" in Fayetteville before Hooters and the sleaze moved in.

The Rev. Dr. Knox Herndon is the pastor of His House Community Church (SBC) and a former Army chaplain. The church has moved to its new location just below Senoia on Ga. Highway 85, a mile south of Ga. Highway 16 below the fire station. Visitors are welcome. Church office and prayer line number is 770-719-2365. E-mail address is

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