Sunday, June 24, 2001

No moss grows on Liberty Baptist members


If you like to travel, participate on mission teams, help the down-and-out with repairs to their homes, if your children enjoy music, drama, summer field trips or helping to teach Bible study to other children, Liberty Baptist is the church for you.

The congregation first began in 1953 on West Fayette Road in College Park and relocated to Fayette County in 1989. While the facility has been in one location since then, the 365 active members stay busy traveling far and wide as well as being involved in programs within the community.

The church supports two missions in Ukraine, both in Rutzin and Tarusha. A group from the church tries to visit them once a year.

In July, six adults will be visiting Mandeville, Jamaica for a week, teaching Vacation Bible School.

Not to be outdone, the senior pastor, the Rev. Alan Parker, will be heading to Guwhiti, India to spend several weeks teaching 50 ministers in a pastor's school.

The children and youth are also going in a dozen directions.

Seventeen youths and adults will be on a San Diego inter-city mission where they will help add onto a facility and will also visit Tiajuana, Mexico to paint and repair old homes.

The youth ministry will attend a youth conference in Mobile, Ala. and also participate in mission work. A dozen youths and three adults will participate.

First through sixth graders will participate in a camp at Norman Park, Ga. the end of July. Arts and crafts, worship services and meeting new children will be the order of the day.

Minister of music Robby Smith will conduct his annual "Godz Kidz" from July 9 -13. Open to children in the community from second through sixth graders, the program keeps them busy from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in field trips and learning music and drama, for a $20 fee.

Sunday evening they will present the program they learned during the week to the church congregation.

In the past year, the entire church facility has been remodeled inside and out. The fellowship hall will now seat at least 200 at a dinner.

"The Lord has blessed us with consistent growth," said Parker. "We rejoice in our outreach to our community and we want to not only take the church out into the area around it, but also believe in individual ministries with the church. God gave us each a different kind of talent, and we encourage all our members to feel free to practice that talent, whether within these walls or without."

The entire membership joins in the church mission statement: Introducing people to the love of our Lord and to the life of Liberty.

Liberty Baptist is at 1077 Ga. Highway 314 and can be reached at 770-461-5644.

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