Friday, April 6, 2001

Edwards sets second meeting with Rico residents


South Fulton residents will know April 30 if their services will be improved from Fulton County.

That's the word from Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards, who met recently with about 50 residents from the Rico community.

After the meeting, Edwards promised a followup meeting, which is set for April 30 at the Rico Community Center at 7 p.m.

At the meeting, county staff will provide the latest information on topics such as road maintenance and dust abatement on dirt surfaces, water supply and economic development.

The residents met with Edwards after being rebuffed by the Coweta County Commission in their annexation efforts.

Edwards described the meeting as "positive" and said a lot of information was exchanged between the residents and Fulton County officials.

"Many people didn't know a lot of the services that were available to them," Edwards said.

Chief on residents' list of wants are more paved roads, elimination of a lot of the dust on the dirt roads, water and cable television.

"There are some possibilities for helping them. But cable television requires 20 homes within a mile, which they don't have," he said.

Edwards is working with Coweta officials on possibly tapping into water lines that Coweta is running through South Fulton from Atlanta to provide additional water to the Coweta residents.

Edwards met with Coweta County Commission Chairman Robert Wood and said officials in Fulton County are looking at the feasibility of tapping into the water lines.

"It looks real good, but all parties have to evaluate the situation," he said.

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