Friday, February 23, 2001

Nominees sought for senior strategy group

Fulton County government is seeking nominees to serve on a panel to investigate housing, transportation and tax relief issues for senior citizens in Commission District 5.

Twelve residents will be selected to comprise the Strategies for a Healthier Community Task Force, which will explore topics identified as being critical for seniors at a November conference in the northwest Atlanta-southwest Fulton district.

Topics include affordable housing, rehabilitation of older homes, predatory lending, accessible public transportation, and reduced property taxes to offset the impact of gentrification.

Nomination applications are being sent to community and business groups. Forms are also available at libraries and health clinics in District 5. Nominations must be mailed with a postmark no later than Feb. 23.

Any county resident can nominate a candidate.

Criteria include an interest or advocacy experience in housing, transportation and property tax relief.

Subcommittees will report findings to the Strategies Task Force, which will make recommendations to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners for possible action.

The strategies initiative, initiated by Vice Chairman Emma I. Darnell, who represents District 5, will help shape the senior citizen agenda in the Georgia General Assembly.


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