Friday, February 23, 2001

New FIBA president outlines ambitious goals


The Fulton Industrial Business Association has much to offer its members, incoming President Tom Flanigan told a gathering of 50 at the organization's monthly breakfast meeting Wednesday morning.

"Think of FIBA as a place you can go to help solve your problems," Flanigan said. Letting members know they can call on FIBA for help, particularly when dealing with government entities, is one of three goals Flanigan has set for this year.

"We can make this a better place to do business and an easier place to do business," Flanigan said.

As chief operating officer of M.D. Hodges Enterprises Inc., Flanigan represents a company that has been a presence on Fulton Industrial Boulevard since 1968. Hodges has constructed 20 million square feet of homes and businesses in the metro Atlanta area over the past three decades.

Setting up a human resources roundtable and increasing membership are other goals Flanigan expects to reach.

Also at Wednesday's meeting, Clarence Williamson, a representative of Atlanta Technical College, discussed training programs the institution offers, often free of charge, for area businesses and their employees.

Established in 1988, FIBA represents 1,000 businesses and nearly 30,000 employees who work daily on this eight-mile road in South Fulton County. The next general monthly membership meeting will be March 21 at 7:45 a.m. at the Comfort Inn, just off Fulton Industrial Boulevard at I-20.

Topics of discussion will include benefit programs and effective financial planning strategies for individuals and businesses.

Local law enforcement officers will talk to members about protecting themselves against identity fraud at the monthly meeting scheduled for April 18.

For information about FIBA, phone Pat Stafford, executive director, 404-691-3422.



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