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Wednesday, January 3, 2001

Commission to organize for 2001

Getting its house in order for 2001 will be the primary business of the Fayette County Commission as it meets this afternoon.

Commissioners will meet at 3:30 p.m. at the County Administrative Complex.

Election of a chairman and vice chairman will be on the agenda, something the county's governing body does each January.

Harold Bost has served as chairman and Greg Dunn as vice chairman during 2000.

Revisions to the county's inclement weather policy for workers also will be discussed.

And a contract to buy all the county's paging services from Verizon Wireless will get a vote. The move is expected to save money and improve efficiency over the current situation, in which each department negotiates a separate contract.

Sixteen items on the consent agenda, which is usually taken care of in a single vote, include such housekeeping items as authorizing the chairman and vice chairman to sign checks.

Also on the consent agenda is purchase of a Ford Crown Victoria, a Ford Expedition, a Ford F-150 bi-fuel pickup truck, a Ford F-250 XL pickup and a F-250 XL Crew Cab, for a total of $257,244.15.

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